Chakrakini filled Achma
30-60 Min
201-500 Kcal

I was born in the village of Mukhrani, Mtskheta region.  I finished school here, in 2006 I continued my studies at the National University of Georgia, and from 2009 at the Tbilisi Theological Seminary. Since 2017, at the insistence of my friends, I began to study cooking thoroughly. For the first time by  a new profession I started working in the GMP company. Then there were small work stories that are not worth talking about. I consider my last job in Ukraine, in the city of Kyiv, participation in the most successful Georgian project to be the main achievement of my life, where I was the executive chef of “Shoti” restaurant for almost four years. After the start of the war, I had to temporarily return to my homeland. Now I am try  experiments together with my mother, and the dish presented today is also the result of the experiment. Thanks to Borjomi gastronomic guide for visiting Mukhrani” - Alexandre Baindurashvili, chef.

300 300 gr. flour
3 3 piece eggs
1 1 рinch salt
100 100 gr. butter
1 1 kg. cheese
300 300 gr. beetroot leaf
30 30 gr. dill
40 40 gr. coriander
100 100 gr. green onion
5 5 gr. salt
1 1 piece egg yolk
step 1
To prepare the dough, make a flour heap added with a punch of salt, then make a small hollow on the top of this heap and an egg in it, start kneading from the center by mixing the egg and flour, slowly add flour from the sides, knead until you get a homogeneous, elastic dough.
step 2
Wrap in a tape and let it rest in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes.
step 3
While the dough rests, prepare the filling - grate the cheese. Finely chop the greens, sprinkle with salt and after a few minutes, drain well from excess liquid.
step 4
Mix the greens mass with the cheese. Melt the butter.
step 5
Heat the oven to 180 degrees.
step 6
Boil water in a large pot, add a little salt. Grease a baking mold or earthenware frying-pan with melted butter. Fill a large bowl with cold water and add ice.
step 7
Divide the dough into three equal balls. Roll out with a pasta roller or by hand into thin layers. Boil one dough at a time.
step 8
After 3 minutes of boiling, take it out with a colander and put it in ice water, stir it well so that it does not stick. Cut the dough as needed with scissors to make 6 layers.
step 9
Transfer the boiled dough to the mold and cover it with melted butter. Distribute the mass of cheese and herbs in the second, fourth and fifth layers. Spread butter on each layer. Spread egg yolk diluted in a little water on the last, sixth layer of dough. Bake for 40 minutes or until the top is golden brown.

How To Serve

Bon Appetit!