Beef and vegetable soup bones consomme
60+ Min
500+ Kcal

“When a guest orders a dish, I always guess his or her mood, what does he or she want? Where he or she wishes to travel, whether he or she longs for childhood tastes or the recent past?

My love for culinary goes back to my childhood. I tried to be near my grandmother while she was cooking and I always asked a lot of questions about products. The taste of childhood is greatly expressed in Kharcho and Elargi prepared by my grandmother and, unforgettable taste of which never leaves me. Modern technologies in cooking allow me to express my nostalgic tastes of childhood. Culinary is a living process, which makes me feel most at ease.

In parallel with cooking, I’m mastering the specialty of NLP. In my opinion, cooking is communication between people, the expression of which fully reflects the everyday mood”- Guga Mamulia, Chef.

2 2 kg. beef bone
120 120 gr. celery bulb
4 4 piece carrots
4 4 piece white onions
2 2 piece red onions
1 1 piece garlic
1 1 piece red pepper
300 300 gr. beef fillet
80 80 gr. shiitake mushroom
80 80 gr. rice vermicelli
30 30 gr. Worcester sauce
1 1 piece lime
20 20 gr. fresh coriander
30 30 gr. mint
5 5 gr. green onion
1 1 piece egg
5 5 gr. salt
step 1
Preparation of the broth - pour oil over beef bones, white onion, carrot and celery bulb and bake in the oven at 220 degrees for 40 minutes. Drain the baked mass from the oil and place in a large saucepan, pour over the water and add shiitake mushroom and Worcestershire sauce. Boil for 4 hours to receive a brown broth.
step 2
Cut the red onion into round pieces and put it in ice water for the onion to lose its bitterness, cut the pepper into circles, wash coriander and mint and try to cut only leaves. Cut green onions lengthwise and cut straight and thin lines, dip into cold water.
step 3
Pour boiling water over the mushrooms and vermicelli separately, let stand for 5 minutes.
step 4
Cut the beef fillet into thin medallions and fry on a heated pan.
step 5
To prepare the consomme broth, we need to cool our brown broth and add 10 ml of water to 1 egg white in a cold mass of 400 g, which must be mixed beforehand. Let the broth stand on low heat and stir slowly, bring to a boil and then remove scum, drain the already transparent broth and start assembling of the dish.
step 6
Assembling: assemble the fried meat on one edge of the plate, add mint, then mushrooms, continue to fill the circle with pepper, add the coriander leaves and put the onions aside, put the rice vermicelli in the center and pour over the transparent broth.

How To Serve

Garnish with green onion roots and a slice of lime.