Spring veal soup
30-60 Min
201-500 Kcal

“Cooking is a genetic factor.  As far as I can remember I liked watching the cooking process.  I made the first steps in this field while studying for the master’s degree in Moscow. Then in Germany, while defending my PhD thesis, I conducted more than 100 gastronomic courses on Georgian cuisine for Germans for a year and a half. I was teaching Georgian dishes in addition to Georgian table traditions. In France, I was always asked when I was going to open my own restaurant ... Everyone was happy when I was cooking. I have doing this business professionally since 2005, I have had relationships with many famous chefs and I have learned a lot from them.

I have taken very interesting culinary courses, including molecular gastronomy. I have made hundreds of gastronomic TV shows for Ukrainian televisions.

In 1991 I travelled to France and studied at the University of Montpellier, the Institute of Production Management, which is the best French school of management. Then I started working for a large French chocolate group, which was intending to enter Eastern European market. I am a chocolate expert, I have been in this field for over 25 years.

Since 2006, due to the sales of chocolate, I had to enter Eastern Europe in a more gastronomic way and I become a co-founder of DGF company. I lead Eastern Europe in terms of gastronomic ingredients. I   participate in the World Sweet Art Championship in Paris, I am selecting teams from both Georgia and Ukraine.

I am the founder of the National Confectionery Championship of Ukraine, owner of the chocolate brand “Napoleon”.

In 2013, I founded the first confectionery school of DGF in Kiev and in 2020 I opened a confectionery school in Tbilisi. Today I am the co-owner of L’Eckler de Jean.

Social media and Internet allows us for visual development and many can create beautiful dishes, but this is not enough, the main thing is the taste and harmony, from seeing the dish, tasting it and having it in its memory. I will be glad to share any of my dishes to anyone. ”- Zaza Kasashvili.

600 600 gr. cow meat
80 80 gr. Bulgarian red paprika
80 80 gr. Bulgarian green paprika
120 120 gr. carrots
150 150 gr. field mushrooms
150 150 gr. oyster mushroom
1 1 gr. salt
1 1 gr. pepper
1 1 gr. cloves
50 50 gr. soy sauce
2 2 gr. lemon
30 30 gr. onions
50 50 gr. tomato
150 150 gr. herbs
20 20 gr. coriander
20 20 gr. butter
3 3 gr. lemongrass
80 80 gr. strawberries
step 1
Put the pieces of bony veal in Borjomi water for 45 minutes, then boil it with bitter pepper and onion with cloves. As needed, as soon as it boils, drain the water, add the lemongrass stem and lime leaf, and cook until the meat gets tender.
step 2
Melt the butter on the pan, lightly fry the vegetables (mushrooms cut into four, oyster mushrooms divided into juliennes), pour Borjomi, cover with baking paper. Squeeze a little lemon into the broth, add salt, pepper and pour a little soy sauce. Put in the meat and vegetables.
step 3
Put the finely chopped blanched and peeled tomatoes with the red onion and soy sauce in a separate bowl and heat before serving. Pour in a bowl where we have peeled tomato mass.

How To Serve

Soup is followed separately in small sauces with soy sauce, a slice of lemon, red onion, strawberries sliced in four (wild strawberries are preferred), coriander leaves and green onions.