Sugar-free, flour-free cake

“In 2014, I radically changed my profession and moved from the public and private sectors to the confectionery sector.

I have changed several jobs since then. Last time I was working at the hotel “Stamba”, however I had to stop working due to pandemics.

It was during this time that I became interested in keto diet and related low-carb and gluten-free desserts and breads. I started my attempts with trying linseed flour bread which eventually yielded results and I have been working with the Ketomania team, my friends for almost a year now and I lead the confectionery and bakery direction.

Each product was receivedas a result of thinking and working, and it feels very good when the product you created, is not only delicious, but also gluten-free, sugar-free, flour-free and delights a lot of people (who have already forgotten the taste of sweet).

Also, I have my blog and youtube channel - Bake with Sophie, which is my hobby, where I write in detail all the dessert or bread recipes that I make. I think I motivate a lot of people to cook at home more frequently.

I have recently joined DGF ICC GEORGIA team and looking forward to many innovations and professional developments. ” - Sopho Shubitidze, the Chef-Confectioner of “Ketomania”, the creator of the confectionery blog Bake with Sophie.

150 150 gr. almond flour
80 80 gr. coconut oil
200 200 gr. Erythritol
3 3 piece eggs
12 12 gr. raising agent
350 350 gr. cream-cheese cream
200 200 gr. sour cream
10 10 gr. lemon juice
45 45 gr. gelatin powder
200 200 gr. cream
80 80 gr. blueberries
80 80 gr. lemon 80
80 80 gr. kiwi
1 1 gr. pectin NH
step 1
Fruit cake with cream-cheese cream and lemon jelly frosting - a dessert without sugar, flour and gluten. Decoration: All kinds of fruits as desired. If you want to adjust this low-carb, sugar-free, flour-free and gluten-free cake to keto diet, replace the given fruit with: strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Almond biscuit: almond flour - 150 g, raising agent - 12 g, coconut oil - 80 g, eggs - 3 pcs, erythritol - 40 g. Preparation technology: beat eggs well with erythritol, add melted coconut oil, finally almond flour and raising agent. Mix well to get a homogeneous mass. Divide into 2 plates. Bake at 160 degrees - for 10-12 minutes. Cut out 4 discs of 16 cm / dm from freshly baked biscuits and let them cool.
step 2
Cream-cheese Cream: cream-cheese – 350 g, sour cream – 200 g, erythritol – 30 g, lemon / lime juice - 10g, gelatin powder – 5 g, cold water – 10 g, cream extracted – 200 g. Preparation technology: temper gelatin in cold water. Extract the cream and put aside. Whip the cream cheese and sour cream with the erythritol. Transfer 10% of the cream to the melted gelatin mass and, as usual, melt it into the microwave oven, stirring until the gelatin is evenly distributed. Return the gelatinous mass to the cream-cheese mass, stir. Finally, delicately add the extracted cream and we get a homogeneous cream.
step 3
Kiwi confi: kiwi - 80 g, erythritol - 15 g, Pectin NH - 1 g, cut kiwi into small cubes. Combine erythritol and pectin and mix with kiwi. Boil for 10 minutes and blend. We prepare any fruit confi by the same principle. Lemon jelly: Gelatin powder - 40 g, cold water - 300 ml, erythritol - 50 g, lemon juice - 40 g, hot water - 600 ml. Preparation technology: soak the gelatin in cold water, leave it for 15-20 minutes. Boil 600 ml of water, mix erythritol, lemon juice and pour it over the mass of melted gelatin. Cool and consume then.
step 4
Assembling the cake: Place the almond biscuit in a 16 cm. diameter mold and spread the cream evenly. Level it and place a desired conf. In our case, we used lemon, blueberry and kiwi confi prepared on erythritol. Then put again the biscuit, cream, confi and continue assembling this way. Plaster over with cream. Store in a fridge for 1 hour. Wash, dry and cut the desired fruit, distribute it on the surface and sides of the cake. Store again in the fridge for 2 hours. Place16 cm / dm cake in a 20 cm / dm mold and wrap in a plastic wrap very firmly. Pour the prepared lemon jelly and store in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

How To Serve

Enjoy it.