Kitsi’s biscuit
30-60 Min
201-500 Kcal

“I started baking at the age of 12, then I baked cookies for the first time.

Since then I have adore working with dough, however, with the years and transition to a healthy lifestyle, I try to choose the healthiest alternatives in my diet and desserts as well. I completely removed the sugar and replaced it with honey.

I love simple recipes where substituting ingredients does not negatively affect the end result, but instead gives new, different notes to a taste.

As a rule, in my kitchen, all dishes are made impromptu, with a logical combination of existing ingredients. I almost never write down recipes and I make everything by eye. I only remember the composition if it causes applause from surrounding people...

This cake was born that way and became an integral part of our hikes. Unlike sugar-containing chocolates and snacks, it is a collection of long-lasting energy and useful micronutrients.

I also  say is that a healthy food can be delicious. If the food is not mixed with artificial flavor enhancers and flavorings, it does not mean that it has no taste. Both starters and main dishes and desserts can be tasty and wholesome, enhance immunity and improve metabolism.  All in all, 70% of our health and beauty is created in the kitchen.”  -  Kitsi Samsonadze, the photographer.

100 100 gr. dried persimmon
60-70 60-70 gr. dried figs
50 50 gr. raisins
50 50 gr. dates
1 1 piece espresso
30 30 gr. pumpkin heart
30 30 gr. sunflower
30 30 gr. walnut
30-40 30-40 gr. honey or grape juice boiled with honey, to taste
2 2 piece medium-sized apples
2 2 piece eggs
1 1 рinch salt
1 1 рinch baking soda
1 1 рinch cinnamon (or to taste)
100-150 100-150 gr. flour
step 1
Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Chop finely dried fruits and walnuts, except raisins, add raisins and other nuts. Peel and grate an apple and add dried fruits.
step 2
Add cinnamon and, if desired, sweetener. Pour espresso. Add eggs to the dried mass.
step 3
Pour soda and salt to the flour, add to the dried fruits mass. Mix everything well to get a mass of cake dough consistency.
step 4
Put the cake in the oven and bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes, then bring the temperature to 160 degrees to bake the stuffing well.
step 5
After about 40-50 minutes, check with wooden sticks if the stuffing is baked, raise the temperature again to 180 degrees and leave only the upper side of the oven turned on to make the upper part more crispy . The cake is ready.

How To Serve

Enjoy it!