Beans with Rachuli ham and bladdernut
60+ Min
500+ Kcal

“I received professional education at the Culinary Academy. I have been working in this field for 5 years already. I love my job, I have found my place in life and this makes me immensely happy. I have founded the company “Tsomi” and I have my own restaurant “Chef Saradjeff”. I’m trying to popularize Georgian dishes in this space. With my own interpretation and vision, and taking the world culinary trends into view, I want to suit my dishes to both lovers of traditional dishes and tourists.

A guest visiting my place is greeted by the warm atmosphere, my family history and time travel, childhood tastes and also my vineyard wine.

Hosting guests with delicious dishes is my hobby! ” - Nikoloz Sarajev

500 500 gr. top quality flour
250 250 ml. water
25 25 ml. butter
12 12 gr. salt
2.5 2.5 gr. yeast dry
2.5 2.5 gr. sugar
500 500 gr. beans
200 200 gr. Rachuli ham
1 1 tomato
1 1 piece onion
1 1 clove clove garlic
20 20 ml. oil
5 5 gr. coriander
1 1 рinch of savory
1 1 рinch of pepper coarsely ground
150 150 gr. bladdernut
5 5 ml. unrefined sunflower oil
10 10 gr. barberry dry
5 5 gr. parsley
step 1
Preparation of dough: heat 50-100 ml of water and mix with yeast and sugar. After the yeast has foamed, knead the dough, adding the rest of the ingredients (eave a little oil or melted butter to make the dough balls). Place a large ball of dough in a warm place and wait for it to rise (about 1-2 hours) then divide it into 3 parts - roll it out and wait for it to rise again for 1-2 hours (the dough should always be covered so that it does not dry out). Then roll out the dough flat with the bottom of the hand palm so that the thin dough is evenly spread (this is very important) and at the same time do not touch the edges up to 1 cm, as the edges should remain soft and thick. Preheat oven to 300 -350 degrees (at home the gas oven gives high temperature, note: in case of low temperature the dough will dry out). Bake for 5-8 minutes (before baking and during the baking process, make holes with a fork so that it does not puff up and the surface remains straight).
step 2
Cook the beans, separate fry Rachuli ham in oil, displace it in a separate bowl and pour boiling water over it (the ham will become soft and the saltiness will be neutralized as well). Fry garlic and then onion in ham fat. When it is ready, add the peeled, squashed tomatoes and after a while add the beans, mix with other ingredients (beans should be half-mashed).
step 3
In the last stage of preparation, heat the oven. Add beans thinly to the prepared dough and bake in the oven for 5 minutes or until it becomes crispy enough. Cut and place it on a plate, add bladdernut in unrefined oil, add ham, barberry and parsley.

How To Serve

Enjoy it!