30-60 Min
500+ Kcal
350 350 gr. mutton (or lamb)
50 50 gr. sheep tail fat or crème butter
2 2 eggplant
2 2 sweet peppers
400 400 gr. potato
1 1 onion
30 30 gr. basil
30 30 gr. coriander
1 1 green peper
step 1
Cut the mutton into pieces and add some salt.
step 2
Slice the eggplants and onions in half circles, while - potatoes and sweet peppers in large pieces. Add all herbs, onion, black pepper and salt. Place the sheep fat or butter in a clay pot, top it with meat, potatoes, tomatoes - peeled and cut into 4 pieces, herbs and pepper. Roast all of these on a high temperature for about 40 minutes.

How To Serve

Serve it in the same pot.