Crusted Salmon
30-60 Min

Started to work in 5 star hotel at the age of 15 to pay for school, once I started as steward then moved to breakfast chef… once I started in the kitchen the heat, passion, emotions and creativity in the chef’s world kept me from going back behind a school desk.

Never worked in Michelin star restaurants although I worked under chefs who had worked in.

Although every chef would love to have a star including myself (because that is the highest honor for a chef) I still believe they are slightly over rated.

I find my inspirations from reading, art & experimentation but mostly from the Worlds traditional cuisines and older generations that teach us younger cooks how to cook.

267 267 gr. Coriander
520 520 ml. Sunflower oil
156 156 ml. Olive oil
30 30 gr. Red onion
50 50 gr. Arborio rice
30 30 ml. White wine
200 200 ml. Vegetable stock
3 3 gr. Saffron threads
13 13 gr. Garlic
3 3 ml. Lemon juice
13 13 gr. Salt
113 113 gr. Cashew nuts
18 18 gr. Chili pepper
150 150 gr. Kumquats
3 3 Star anise
3 3 gr. Vanilla seeds
60 60 ml. Sugar syrup
30 30 gr. Egg yolk base (T.F)
50 50 Egg without shell
17 17 gr. Dijon mustard
50 50 ml. Vinegar reduction
200 200 gr. Salmon fillet
3 3 Vanilla mayo
24 24 gr. Cashew crust
7 7 gr. Sugar
21 21 ml. Ukr vinegar
24 24 ml. Fish sauce
270 270 gr. Leeks cleaned
44 44 ml. Lime juice
500 500 ml. White wine vinegar
7 7 gr. Pink pepper corns
7 7 gr. Black pepper corns
1 1 gr. Bay leaf
1 1 gr. Rosemary
247 247 gr. Cashew crusted salmon
72 72 ml. Leek herb salsa
24 24 ml. Kumquat anise vanilla
step 1
Coriander oil base: Coriander – 250 g Sunflower oil – 150 ml Olive oil – 100 ml Bring a large pan of water to a boil, Place the herb in the boiling water stir for 5 second, Drain the herbs in ice water and let them cool for 20 seconds, Remove the herb from the ice water and pat dry with a kitchen paper, Place the herbs into a blender with sunflower oil and blend on high for 20 seconds, Then let it rest for 10 mins Sieve the oil into a vessel and add the oilve oil, mix together.
step 2
Liquid saffron rice base: Red onion – 30 g Olive oil – 20 ml Arborio rice – 50 g White wine – 30 ml Vegetable stock – 200 ml Saffron threads – 3 g Garlic – 3 g Lemon juice – 3 ml Salt – fine Saute the onion in olive oil until transperant on low heat, Add the rice and cook until transperant, Degalze with the wine, Add the stock and saffron and cook gently, When the rice is cooked blend with the garlic lemon juice and salt, Add more veg stock if needed
step 3
Kumquat anise vanilla base: Kumquats – 150 g Star anise – 3 unit Vanilla seeds – 1 unit Sugar syrup – 60 ml Prick the kumquats with a tooth pick, Place them in a vaccum bag with the rest of the ingredients, Cook in sous vide or steamer at 85 degrees for 2 hours, Chili and marinate for 4 days before using, Use syrup in pastry dishes.
step 4
Vanilla mayonnaise base: Egg yolk base (T.F) – 30 g Egg without shell – 50 g Dijon mustard – 17 g Salt – 5 g Vanilla seeds – 2 g Sunflower oil – 350 g Vinegar reduction – 50 ml Combine the yolks, whole egg, mustard, salt and vanilla in a bowl, Using a hand held blender gradually incorporate the oil to form a stable mayo, Blend in the vinegar reduction, balance the aciditcy…
step 5
Cashew crust: Cashew – 113 g Salt– 4 g Chili Pepper – 4 g Roast the cashew nut in a hot oven until golden brown then cool them to room temperature (or buy already roasted) Chop the nuts by a knife and sieve off the dust so you finish only with small piece of nuts Clean, deseed and fine chop the chili and mix everything together
step 6
the Leek salsa: Chili pepper cleaned – 14 g Garlic peeled base – 10 g Salt (Fine) – 4 g Sugar – 7 g Ukr vinegar – 21 ml Fish sauce – 24 ml Leeks cleaned – 270 g Coriander – 11 g Olive oil – 36 g Lime juice – 44 g Slice thin the leeks, Chop finely the Chili, garlic and coriander Mix everything together just before you start to plate
step 7
Vinegar reduction base: White wine vinegar – 500 ml Pink pepper corns – 7 g Black peppercorns – 7 g Bay leaf – 1 g Rosemary - 1 g Combine all the ingredients in a small pan and heat to reduce the liquid by half Strain the mixture and cool completely

How To Serve

Bon Appetite!