Pink color Okroshka
30-60 Min
Light dish

Teona Chikhladze is a psychologist and public relations specialist by profession - “I have been fascinated by cooking since childhood. There wasn’t a specific day when I decided to study culinary, it happened gradually, in the kitchen while watching my mother  cooking, who is an excellent culinary. The kitchen was one of the places, where I had communication with my mother. Immediately after returning from work, she was working her magic in the kitchen, and I stood near my mother, whom I used to miss when she was at work and talked with her about the past day. This time turned out to be a culinary academy for me as well as an opportunity to make the best friend with my mother. That’s how I learned to create magic in the kitchen.

I almost never read a recipe. I can recognize all the ingredients when I taste it and can you imagine, even the technology of preparation. I never avoid improvisations.

In our family, under the influence of large doses of Ukrainian-Russian genes, one of the most popular dishes of the summer was Okroshka, to which, with my improvisation, I added “Borjomi” and beet juice for coloring.

I hope you will like it and cold Okroshka will refresh yourself in hot summer days.

500 500 ml. Matsoni
500 500 ml. Sour cream
500 500 ml. “Borjomi” or boiled, chilled water
2 2 piece Medium-sized boiled potatoes
2 2 piece Boiled eggs
1 1 piece Beet
300 300 gr. Radish
200 200 gr. Low-fat ham
40 40 gr. Green onions
40 40 gr. Dill
20 20 gr. Tarragon
2 2 рinch Salt
1 1 рinch Pepper
step 1
Cut the vegetables and boiled eggs into small cubes. Finely chop the herbs.
step 2
Mix Matsoni and sour cream, add “Borjomi” (or water).
step 3
Add juice of one raw grated beet (for coloring, if you want to get pink color, classic Okroshka is white). Add salt and pepper. Add vegetables and herbs, then stir.

How To Serve

Serve cold. You can add ice cubes to the dish on the plate.