Beef sandwich
0 - 30 Min

“I am 20 years old, I started working in the kitchen when I was 18 years old. I entered the Culinary Academy, and founded the company “Amochame” with my friends. We are making pepper jam. I become a winner in the Masterchef and now I have my own sandwich bar. I plan to go to France “- Ia Dzagania

500 500 gr. Beef
100 100 gr. Onion
40 40 gr. Beef fat
1 1 рinch Salt
1 1 рinch Pepper
250 250 gr. Cheddar
250 250 ml. Milk
1 1 piece Eggs
step 1
Cook the chopped onion in the fat over low heat and add the finely chopped beef, add salt and pepper.
step 2
To make the sauce, melt the cheese in the milk, beat the eggs separately and mix well. Add a little salt.
step 3
Roast the bread, pour the sauce, add meat and onions, pout cheese sauce on the top.

How To Serve

Bon Appetite!