Pea and Asparagus Soup
30-60 Min
Light dish
120 120 gr. Green dried peas
150 150 gr. Asparagus
5 5 gr. Green onions
5 5 gr. Fresh garlic
10 10 gr. Parsley
1 1 рinch Salt
1 1 рinch Pepper
1 1 piece Egg
1 1 tablespoon White vinegar
step 1
Wash the peas, place in a saucepan. Pour in the water to cover it and cook for 25 minutes. Periodically check the water level so that it does not dry out. Add water, if necessary. Cut off the rough roots from asparagus, chop into medium pieces. Leave the buds for serving. Add the chopped asparagus and garlic to the cooked peas in a saucepan, cook for another 5 minutes, add salt and pepper to taste. You can mix the soup with chicken broth or water. Blend the obtained mass and boil it again.
step 2
Fry the asparagus buds in olive oil for 2-3 minutes. Boil water in a separate saucepan, pour 1 tbs vinegar and ½ tsp salt. Beat the eggs and cook without shell for 3 to 7 minutes. The cooking time depends on your preference of the egg yolk fluidity. Carefully take out and dry on a kitchen towel.

How To Serve

Pour the soup in the bowl, place the boiled eggs in the center, fried asparagus, add the chopped parsley and green onions.