30-60 Min

“When I was creating the smart hazelnut truffle, I wanted to get somehow weird dessert, neither truffle nor toffee, or either truffles or toffee, with crispy and velvety…

I love when people close their eyes and smile while tasting truffles. I am neither a confectioner nor a food technologist, but such reactions make me very excited and help me do my other favorite things. 

Since I have created “Smart Nuts”, I am a better management consultant, education expert, or lecturer, because I can direct my creative energy into completely different field.

My husband and I created “Smart Nuts” two years ago, taking into account all aspects of design thinking and user experience management. This is a small company that produces Georgian hazelnut, almond and groundnut pastes.

What does a person feel, what does he think or what does a person so when he is trying to keep a healthy lifestyle? Such a person is usually smart, energetic and pamper himself from time to time with a truffle like  luxury food” -  Nina Andriadze

1 1 Cup Condensed milk (min. 8.5%)
5 5 tablespoon Cocoa
50 50 gr. Butter
1 1 рinch Salt
1 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
1 1 tablespoon Classic almonds "Kochaghi Nushi"
100 100 gr. Crispy roasted almonds "Kochaghi Nushi"
step 1
Mix 2 tbs cocoa with ½ glass of water until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Put the thick-bottomed pan on medium heat, pour in the cocoa mass, add butter, salt and mix well.
step 2
Add the classic almond paste “Kochaghi Nushi” and condensed milk, and the vanilla extract in the end. Stir continuously until the mass thickens and the bottom of the pan appears when stirring (5-10 minutes). Put the truffle mass on a plate to cool.
step 3
Sprinkle the remaining cocoa on the palm, take a truffle mass with a tablespoon, roll it by hand or with a spoon, put in the center ½ crispy-roasted almond paste, Crush the almond paste, tie together the truffles, gently round off with your palms and dip it in the cocoa.

How To Serve

Bon Appetite