Nadughi (Cottage Cheese Cream) Balls in Pomegranate Soup
0 - 30 Min
Light dish
0-200 Kcal

Pomegranate makes the human immune system stronger. It is often used for increasing haemoglobin and has a disinfection effect.

250 250 gr. nadughi (cottage cheese cream)
4 4 piece garlic cloves
100 100 gr. pumpkin seeds
10 10 gr. basil
4 4 pomegranates
15 15 gr. coriander
1 1 рinch salt
15 15 gr. starch
step 1
Keep the seed of 1/3 pomegranate separately and squeeze the rest. Add powdered sugar, chopped coriander leaves and pomegranate seeds to the juice.
step 2
Mix ground pumpkin seeds, basil, grated garlic and a pinch of salt with nadughi. Then round the mixture into balls and put them in the pomegranate juice before serving.

How To Serve

Serve on a deep plate.