Berry millefeuille
60+ Min
500 500 gr. butter
595 595 gr. flour
1/2 1/2 teaspoon vinegar
300 300 gr. butter cream
100 100 gr. sugar powder
1 1 piece vanila
350 350 gr. berries
step 1
Make a block of butter and dough separately. To prepare the butter block, mix 400 g butter in 175 g flour using a low-speed mixer. Transfer to plastic, give a square shape (15 cm) and leave in the refrigerator for 2 hours. For the flour block you will need: 185 ml of cold water, 1 g of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar, 420 g of flour and 100 g of thick chilled oil. Mix flour and oil first, then add water, salt and vinegar. Give a square shape (10 cm) and store in the refrigerator for 2 hours. After 2 hours, spread a piece of butter on a table sprinkled with flour, put a block of flour on one side, and form on the other. Fold up to 1 cm in thickness so that it is three times longer than in width. Return to the refrigerator for 20 minutes, then flatten and fold again. Repeat this action twice. Then roll the dough to 3 mm thick and cut into slices. Beat with a fork and bake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. When working with the dough, as soon as we feel that it is softened, put it back in the refrigerator.
step 2
Butter, dishes, and cream should be well chilled. Stir the cream slowly, then gradually increase the mixer speed to maximum. Slowly add the icing sugar. Cream when slow to reduce speed. It is important that the cream can become oil as a result of excessive dehydration. Under water, we must pay attention to the waves that appear on the surface. Powdered sugar and vanilla can be added only when the cream thickens. We use any type of berries for decoration.

How To Serve

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