Sturgeon and unusual Shoti bread
1 1 persimmon
2 2 figs
50 50 gr. pomergranate
150 150 ml. sour cream
1/2 1/2 Shoti bread
2 2 pieces of sturgeon
50 50 gr. coriander
50 50 gr. dill
6 6 garlic
1/2 1/2 lemon
50 50 gr. onion
20 20 gr. spinach
15 15 gr. pumpkin seed
5 5 gr. pepper flakes
40 40 ml. olive oil
40 40 gr. butter
50 50 ml. white wine
step 1
In a deep frying pan, prepare the pillow - put dill, coriander and spinach, salt to taste, pour with olive oil and put sturgeon slices on top. Pour the fish with lemon, salt it again and sprinkle with pepper. Pieces of lemon, garlic, onion are laying around. Add oil and wine, simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.
step 2
From the Shoti bread remove the excess pulp, salt and sprinkle with pepper. Drizzle with oil and put in the oven heated to 200-220 degrees for 10-12 minutes.
step 3
Sour cream seasoned with pepper, garlic and salt and put on fried bread. Put fruits on top, which is also seasoned with garlic, pepper and olive oil.
step 4
Shoti sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and put on it dill and coriander so that they do not mix with each other.

How To Serve

Enjoy sturgeon with unusual bread.