Chicken salad with quail eggs
0 - 30 Min
800 800 gr. chicken breasts
150 150 gr. green salad leaves
6 6 quail eggs
1 1 pack of green onions
1 1 lemon
300 300 ml. olive oil
150 150 gr. breadcrumbs
step 1
Wash greens and lemon. Cut fillet into thin pieces and in addition chop with hammer. Sprinkle with pepper and salt to taste, add breadcrumbs. Fry both sides until golden crust appears. Boil quail eggs for 20-25 minutes, then clean. Cut green leaves of salad into pieces and mix with finely chopped green onions. Pour lemon juice and remaining olive oil. Cut chicken fillet into long pieces and put into salad, together with eggs.

How To Serve