Turkey Fillet with Quince
30-60 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal


2 2 turkey fillet
300 300 gr. quince
80 80 ml. oil
1 1 lemon
30 30 gr. sugar
1 1 рinch tandoori masala
1 1 рinch cinnamon
1 1 рinch salt
1 1 рinch pepper
step 1
Wash turkey fillet, remove extra fat, if there is any and then dry it with a napkin (you can lightly pound turkey fillet in order to make the surface even. This will allow even frying, in case it requires it). First, apply salt on both sides of the fillet and then - tandoori masala. Wash and peel quince, dice them into small cubes and throw in a pot. Add water to cover the dice, place the pot on a low heat and simmer. When quince is cooked (it’s ready if you pierce it easily with a fork), remove it from the heat and drain it.
step 2
Add sugar to quince and blend it well (or puree it). Quince puree is ready. Once you start making quince puree, heat a pan as much as possible, add oil and place turkey fillet in it. Turn it over in a minute and turn it again after another minute. Keep doing this until both sides become light brown.
step 3
Place the fried fillet on a plate, with a paper towel below so that it gets rid of extra fat. We let it rest for 5 minutes and slice it thin. Serve it together with quince puree while warm.

How To Serve

When serving, squeeze some lime or lemon over the slices. It makes the turkey fillet taste fresher.


Useful Tips

You can replace turkey with chicken fillet, and corn oil - with regular sunflower oil. Turkey breast is considered as a healthy diet product, as it does not contain fats and it’s protein rich in amino acids.