Chickpea salad with basil
30-60 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal

Chickpeas can be used a lot while fasting. Due to its high nutritional value, it can even replace meat. We can prepare a lot of dishes with chickpeas, such as soup, hummus, and salad. I have decided to make a salad with flavory basil and Parmesan. However, if you do not eat cheese, you can exclude it from the ingredients.

60 60 gr. chickpeas
15 15 gr. basil
5 5 gr. spring onions
20 20 gr. pine nuts
20 20 gr. Parmesan
5 5 gr. garlic
30 30 gr. olive oil
10 10 gr. mint
20 20 gr. sprout
60 60 gr. cherry tomato
70 70 gr. lemon
50 50 gr. avocado
step 1
Before cooking you need to soak your chickpeas overnight. Start with washing them the next day, fill a pot with water and boil with a covered lid for 4-5 hours. Periodically check the water as it should not fully evaporate. If a chickpea easily crushes in your fingers - then it’s cooked and drain it. It would be better to remove the skin off (adding water will make it easier).
step 2
Now you can take care on the rest of the ingredients. Cut cherry tomatoes in desired size, grate Parmesan, and take only the leaves of basil and mint. It is recommended to add avocado before serving.
step 3
Heat a pan, add olive oil and few crushed garlic cloves. For more flavour you can add ground pepper and leftover basil stems. Take the garlic out of the pan until it gets roasted with golden brown color. Add chickpeas and preferably roast a little. Add lemon zest and move the pan aside. You can add it to the ingredients while its warm, or wait until it cools. Add the rest of the ingredients to the salad some more olive oil and lemon juice (you can use other dressing or ingredients as you prefer). Sprinkle it with Parmesan and pine nuts.

How To Serve

Salads usually look better after adding vegetables of different colours. For serving, take a big bowl and put the salad in it. Use microgreens or lettuce for decoration.