Ten ideas for cooking eggs

Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Cut few hard-boiled eggs in half, remove and smash the yolk and add sautéed onion, diced bell pepper, crushed garlic and herbs. Afterwards, add spices, salt and pepper to the mixture. Add mayonnaise and mix everything well. Then make balls out of them and scoop in egg slices. But this is not the end. To make your tasty dinner complete, you should prepare a tomato sauce. Sauté onion, bell pepper and grated tomato, together with garlic and herbs. Add tomato paste mixed in water, and salt and pepper to taste.

You need to stir and it's ready. Do not forget to place prepared eggs in the sauce before serving. It would be better to enjoy it when soaked in the sauce.



“Fabergé eggs”

 Prepare chicken stock for Fabergé. Let it cool and soak gelatine in it for 2 hours. Once it is soaked, place it on a heat until it melts entirely. Do not boil it, as it will destroy everything.

Make holes on the bottom of your eggs with a knife and pour the inside. Wash eggshell in water with soda and rinse with water. Start preparing the filling. 

Cut ham and bell pepper (try to use both, green and red for the appearance of the dish). Place pepper dice and herb leaves on the base of the eggshell. Take canned pea and corn seeds and fill the eggshell with it and add bouillon with gelatine. It is almost ready. Place it in a cool place. As soon as the mixture becomes thicker, remove the eggshell and enjoy. You can also use beef tongue for preparing this dish.



Egg Tarts

Mix 225 g flour and margarine, add salt, then slowly add 2 tbsp. cold water and knead the dough. Make 4 balls out of the dough, roll them out and place them in a special baking pan. Fry onion slices in oil and put them on tarts. Lightly beat eggs, add salt, pepper and grated cheese. Add the mixture over the onions and bake them in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for half an hour.





To make Hilopites, you will need:

1 kg flour

3 eggs

250-300 ml milk

250 g tomato

1 tbsp. butter



How to prepare:

Beat eggs in a large bowl. Use another bowl and put flour in it, make a well, add beaten eggs, a little bit of milk and knead dough. Add milk as you knead, so that the dough becomes strong and elastic. When you are done with this process, roll out the dough on a wooden plate with flour and cut it in squares. Take them on a balcony and let them dry.



Taiwan Style Eggs

You will need six eggs to prepare this dish.

Boil eggs, cool them and remove eggshell. Prick eggs and fry them in sunflower oil, so that they get a golden colour. Cut it in equal parts and place them on a tray.

Fry onions and two chilli peppers in sunflower oil. Afterwards, heat 2 tbsp. powdered sugar in a pan, add 1 tbsp. water, 2 tbsp. lemon juice and stir until it becomes thicker.



Eggs in a Clay Pot

Boletus edulis (Porcino) mushroom is a very important ingredient for this dish. Cook mushrooms in boiling water, mince and fry them in butter, together with 2-3 onion slices.


Afterwards, dice 4 eggplants and fry it in vegetable oil. Layer eggplant, mushroom with onion and 4 sliced eggs in a clay pot. Try to make the last layer with eggs. Add 1 tbsp. sour cream sauce, salt, pepper and bake in an oven. Sprinkle dill over it for serving.


Egg Salsa

Mince 2 boiled eggs. Chop ½ spring onions bunch, pickled cucumbers, add 6 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp. red wine vinegar, a pinch of salt and minced tarragon. Mix everything together and put the mixture on Italian ciabatta bread and next to it put slices of salami and radish, same size tomato and green and black olives. Open a “big mouth” and enjoy it.


Scrambled Eggs with Eggplant caviar

When you feel like having a nutritious breakfast and do not wish to have a simple dish, use this recipe.

Caviar is becoming more expensive day by day. That is why we replace it with homemade eggplant caviar. You will need 200 g eggplant, 50 g onion, parsley, bell pepper, tomato paste, garlic, coriander and of course, the duet of salt and pepper.

Peel eggplant and mince it in a meat grinder together with onion, parsley and bell pepper. Add tomato paste to the mixture and sauté in oil on a low heat. After an hour and a half, add coriander, salt, crushed garlic and stir – eggplant caviar is ready.

Grease a pan with ghee, put caviar in it and pour ghee and beaten eggs over it. Put it in an oven; take it out in few minutes and sprinkle with minced parsley.



Eggs with Filling

Hard boil eggs and let them cool. Cut it together with an eggshell. Take the inside part so that you do not damage the eggshell and mince it. Mix it well together with onion, pepper, salt, vinegar and mustard dissolved in oil. Put the mixture in eggshells, place them in a pan and bake in an oven. Enjoy together with the eggshell.



Hungarian Style Eggs

Wash mushrooms thoroughly in cold water and mince them. Afterwards, chop onions. Melt 80 g butter in a large pan and fry onion and parsley, add mushrooms and fry everything together. Do not forget to add salt and pepper. When it is cooked, add cream and stir.

Take a baking pan and grease with butter. Put in the mushroom mixture, make 8 wells and put yolk and white of one egg in each.