Strengthening the Body with Vitamins, We have got a Long Night ahead

Caring for our immune systems must not be forgotten, and special attention should be forwarded towards eating as the period of “colds” and “viruses” is ahead. We would like to share several products to you that will help strengthen and prepare your body for this transitional period.    

1. pickled cabbage, the most useful of pickled goods, as it contains a large amount of A, B and C vitamins, and is less caloric. It promotes metabolism, heart functioning, helps digestion and keeps us on a good mood.

2. Pomegranate - contains the B6, B12, C, P vitamins that we need very much. Cleanses the blood, promotes the formation of red blood cells. Pomegranate juice can be mixed with carrot juice, making it even more useful and safe for the stomach.

3. Ginger - Contains magnesium, phosphorus, silicium, potassium, iron, manganese, vitamin C, and choline, which further enhances the body's ability to strengthen. Use ginger wherever you can - in food, with tea, in salads. Its distinctive and unique aromas are created by essential oils that help relieve headaches, improve memory, stimulate appetite and cleanse the body of toxins.

4.  Apples are one of the most popular fruits, they are very tasty and available year-round. This plant belongs to the rose family and was cultivated almost 4,000 years ago. It is estimated that apples are originated from central Asia. Today, there are about 10,000 varieties of apples, and there are about 200 varieties of apples in Georgia. Apples contain vitamins C, В1, В2, Р, Е, carotene, folic acid, iron, calcium, potassium and manganese. Apples are used in almost all diets, as they are an excellent product for those who want to lose weight or plan cleansing. Keep in mind, if you suffer from high acidity of the stomach, eat sweet varieties of apples, and if you have low acidity, then acidic varieties are recommended for you. 

Apples are often used in cookery. It is often integrated in salads, cakes, desserts, drinks, meat dishes; Often times, apples are used in making fruit porridges, dried fruit, tklapi, juice, compote, kissel and etc.


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