Sweet December

In anticipation of the holidays, in December, rich feasts are approaching us, with a lot of sweets, which are not so good for our body.
It’s difficult to refuse sweets, based on recent polls, 90% of women are incorrigible sweet lovers, and 70% of men are "razy" for sweets.
We offer you several alternatives that will help overcome the thirst for sweets and give you the strength to refuse other unhealthy sweets.

1. Fruits. But be careful, for example you can not eat a lot of mandarins, as they can start an allergic reaction. Orange, apples, pineapple are very useful in this season.

2. Dark chocolate. Natural, dark chocolate, which, though bitter taste, but have a lot of useful properties. It's guaranteed that chocolate will take away your desire to try other sweets.

3. Yogurt. This is a dairy product that is very beneficial for the body. As a rule, yogurt is pretty sweet to get the desired dose of sugar.

4. Sweet Potato (Batat). A source of natural sugar that does not harm you, but satiates. You can cook a lot of interesting dishes from sweet potatoes, also you can even eat it raw.


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