How to Store Bread

You have probably heard a lot of legends on how to store bread. The most widespread and at the same time, the most absurd one is to keep it in a fridge. Why? Because the fridge is moist and it ruins the bread. If you do not want to eat mouldy, wet bread, forget this method forever.

It is important to store bread in a dry place at a room temperature. This option prevents moulding it. Avoid the sun and keep your bread at a dark place. This will make sure the bread stays fresh and your teeth - out of danger.

Bread, kept under the sun, is as unsavoury, as the one kept in a refrigerator for hours.

Most likely there are at least two bakeries in your neighbourhood. Whenever you go shopping, take a look at the store. The shoti bread, which you are planning to take home is wrapped in cheesecloth and waiting for you. It does not become dry, keeps its flavour and taste. If you have no cheesecloth at home and neither time to buy it, use a tea towel. Wrap your crispy shoti bread in it and wait until dinner. Bread will keep its taste and you will keep your appetite.