how to store greens

We all know the benefits of fresh green for the human body. It is recommended to take it every day. But sometimes, as consumers of this product, we are faced with a practical problem of storing greenery - when buying it in large quantities, the greens quickly deteriorate and lose its useful qualities.

We offer you some simple tips on how to store greens:

In a glass jar with a lid. We cut off the roots, cleanse the spoiled stems and leaves and mine in cold water. After drying, we seal it in a clean glass jar and place it in a refrigerator. With this method of storage, the greens retain their best qualities up to 2-3 weeks.

Plastic bag. Again, we clean the greens, but we do not need to wash it. Place the greens in a bag so that an air chamber is formed. So the greens can be stored until the 1st week.

You can use thick paper that does not disintegrate when it comes in contact with moisture (do not use a newspapers or magazines, because the ink used for printing can be poisonous to the body).
Spray the paper with water and place cleaned greens on it, wrap it and put it in a plastic bag. In this way, the greens can be stored for up to 10 days.


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