How to boil perfect eggs  

Boiled egg is a healthy product and it looks quite easy to make. Some start their days with soft boiled eggs and will not accept hard boiled options no matter what, while others prefer to have it with tender whites and amber-looking yolk.

In short, do you want to have an ideal egg for breakfast? Then follow the rules:

1. A cold egg, taken out straight from the fridge crackles in a hot water, so it’s better to keep it at a room temperature for few minutes before throwing into the hot water.

2. The water should cover the egg by 2 cm.

3. Do not place the egg in simmering water; instead, put it in before the water starts boiling. In case you forget this, – then the next advice comes in handy: a couple of pieces of ice dropped in the water will stop the boiling.

4. If the egg is fresh, boil it for only 5 minutes, otherwise, you’ll get it hard as rubber.

5. Soft-boiled egg stays in the hot water for only a minute. Consider that the water must be simmering.

6. 6 minutes are enough to get a soft yolk and condensed, thin white.

7. 3 minutes are enough to get a half-moist consistency.

8. If you insist on having only moisture yolk and hard white, then keep it boiling for 4 minutes. 

9. The hard-boiled egg takes 10 minutes to cook.