How to Grow Easter Grass in a Short Time

It is hard to imagine Easter table without a paska – Easter bread, shiny red eggs and without fresh Easter grass. According to Christian tradition, believers plant wheat grains during the week of Palm Sunday. First, it sprouts and then Easter grass grows. It is a symbol of new life given from the resurrection of the Christ.

We provide a very simple method for new housewives to grow Easter grass in a very short time. Please consider that you need to start doing this approximately a week before Easter.

Step 1

Firstly, clean 500 g wheat grains thoroughly, put them in a bowl, add lukewarm water and leave it overnight.

Step 2

Drain it the next morning; wash wheat grains again and place them in a glass jar. Put it in a warm place for 24 hours.

Step 3

The next day, rinse it once again and distribute on a tray so that you have a layer of approximately 1.5 cm. It's better if you place the tray near a heater or on a windowsill, where the sun can easily reach it. This will support growing. You do not need to water grains, as it would be enough to drizzle some water once a day.

Since there are other methods of growing Easter grass, instead of putting them in a jar, you can place a thin layer of moistened cotton on a tray, put grains over it and drizzle it with water every day, so that it does not become dry.

If you follow this instruction, you will have the desired result in a week, your Easter grass will be green and it will make your Easter table pretty.


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