Praise the Rachan Ham


Let’s stop by Rachan kitchen and experience some Rachan ham. Georgians have 

the tradition of meat processing since ancient times, but it has particularly developed 

in the areas where cattle-ranching was a natural priority.

Georgians must have smoked meat at their Easter tables and the best of the smoked 

meat is coming from Racha. Salted and smoked Rachan ham used to be a perfect 

companion for the past centuries' warriors.

As soon as Rachan locals kill a pig, first they scald it thoroughly, clean from the 

intestines and salt it. The salt must cover every single millimeter of the pig's body, 

including its open joints.

The salted pig rests for two weeks before moving towards the smoking room. The 

smoking lasts long. Ham is diligently kept for big celebrations and its slicing usually 

turns into a festivity.

Rachans spend their cold winter evenings enjoying ham-dressed red beans. They 

boil the ham pieces in the same pot with red beans and season the dish with their 

best spices.

Sometimes cooks use ham as a Lobiani stuffing and as soon as it's baked they also 

smear the ham on top of the pastry to enrich it with even smokier aroma. 

Apart from pig, Racha people traditionally smoke goose, turkey and chicken. Rachan ham 

preserves longer than the factory-made. Any smoked and salted product must be 

kept in fridge (0-6C).


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