Pronunciation of the name of Elarji sparkles an image of the beautiful nature of Samegrelo in everybody’s mind… or perhaps not! 


Elarji as a Megrelians’ pride can confidently compete with any culinary chef-d’oeuvre in the world. The healer of any depression and boredom has its place in the civil vocabulary as well.


There is no better place for cooking Elarji than Samegrelo. The difficulty of its preparation actually lies in its simplicity. Cookbooks make it sound so plain when writing: “mix some cornflour in boiling water, add some salt-free Sulguni and stir until receiving a Ghomi consistency,” while its charm is hidden in its ingredients – thoroughly chosen Sulguni and corn flour. Utensils are of no less importance as cast iron pot and the wide wooden mixer is must-haves here.


Cooking Elarji takes about 40 minutes. Overcooking or undercooking will guarantee its faltering consistency. Apart from Megrelian Sulguni, Svanetian Sulguni is also used in it. If the cheese is too unsalted then you may add some salt to the dish.


Every Georgian is obliged to taste this masterpiece of the Megrelian cuisine. Elarji will never fail to make you feel happy and satisfied.





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