A little about Guruli pie...

           We, Georgians are proud of many things, and our cuisine is in the list. Yes, we are proud of our cuisine and Khachapuri. As in other matters, we have a good variety in this as well. Now we’ll draw your attention to  Guruli Khachapuri aka Guruli pie.
            Apart from the traditional cheese and dough, Guruli pie has a boiled and halved eggs in it and a shape of a crescent. Guria locals believed that the shape is connected to the celestial bodies and their strength.
            Traditionally, Guruli pie is made for Christmas, or the Old New Year so-called Kalanda. Guria locals advice to prepare the egg for the Guruli pie in a particular way. It will get a special smoky aroma if we hang it down to the middle fire and keep it there for two days.
            In old Guria, Guruli pie was a necessary attribute when visiting married daughter in her new family. According to some versions, family bakes the same amount of pies as they have the members of the family.
         Preparing the pie doesn’t really require much effort, of course, if you are already experienced in kneading ideal yeast dough, choosing right cheese and have got a few eggs nearby. Actually why waiting for Christmas or Kalanda? There is no point of postponing the pleasure of Guruli pie, you can make it right now!


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