Homemade lemonade – tasty and organic

Every time we hear lemonade and we are older than about thirty, we probably think of sweet, old, nostalgic childhood. However, right now homemade lemonades are gaining back its popularity.

                  A variety of this beverage is neverending and any of it is worth of trying, but, in order to make an easy choice don’t go too far from its citrus majesty – lemon.

                  Health benefits of lemon are probably known to everyone, so let’s just make this wonderful drink. 

           A simple rule – mixing up lemon and sugar in some boiled water will get you a delicious homemade lemonade;
            A medium-difficulty rule - Mix some black tea in a boiled water, add lemon, honey and a good bunch of mint. Cool it well and have a sip.

            Relatively difficult rule – make a tropical lemonade.  Squeeze about half glass of a lemon juice in a six glasses of water; add some sugar and pineapple and apricot juices. Drop few cinnamon sticks and ginger and enjoy!

             Keep in mind that you mostly need a fantasy and average smart hands and you can make a range of tasty lemonades at home.


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