Kubdari – the king of Svaneti cuisine

              Kubdari is the most dignified representative of the most dignified cuisine of the most dignified part of Georgia. If you ever ask: "After all what is so special about Kubdari?"-  you'll definitely turn all Svans and Georgians against you.

                  At a first sight, Kubdari receipt looks quite easy, but its secret lies in the quality and the right balance of the ingredients. "Too much of anything is not good" is the exact right saying when referring to Kubdari preparation.
             Traditionally, Kubdari dough stands out from other pastries with a necessity of kneading longer, while a savory taste of its filling is a merit of mixed seasonings. The meat for the filling should be evenly chopped and not minced. Seasoning for the meat consists of four herbs – blue fenugreek, dill, dried coriander and cumin, followed by a pinch of salt and pepper.
              Kubdari belongs to the category of pies which feels comfortable with experiments and leaves a room for improvisation. Some add mountain summer savory to the already mentioned quartet of herbs.

              What should we consider?

  • Kubdari dough has to be harder than an ordinary yeast dough;
  • Kubdari meat must be chopped.
  • Kubdari can be eaten anytime anywhere, but nothing compares to the experience enjoying it in its homeland mountains!




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