How to choose a knife correctly

Knife is the most important instrument in the kitchen. It's impossible to prepare even the easiest

meal without a knife. There are huge varieties of knives based on their shape, size, configuration 

and purpose of usage. We can just easily buy whole complexes of knives, but it's better to first 

figure out what kind of blades are necessary in the first place.

Chef's knife is the universal and the most popular knife in the world. In the USA it's also called as 

"French Knife", though it originates from Germany.   

The size of a Chef knife's blade varies from 15 to 30cm. It has about 2-4 deep evenly 

sharpened edge and a handle of 18-22cm. Even though it is large in size, it's best for 

processing vegetables and meat.

There is also a bread knife - a long, medium width blade with the jagged edge. It is used for slicing 

bread, scones, muffins, cakes and other pastries.

Vegetable knife is smaller in size and is good for peeling vegetables and fruits. Both blade and 

the handle of this knife is small to hold it comfortably. It's perfect for peeling potatoes, beets, 

carrots, apples, etc.

There are also fillet knives, carving blades, etc, but they are considered for professionals and 

let's leave them for now.

One of the most important details in choosing knife is the material it is made of. As usual, high-quality

knives are made of stainless steel with chrome. 

The knife must be sharpened evenly from both sides and should be free of scratches or any 

other flaws. In the modern technologies, blades are sharpened with a laser. 

The high-quality handle is equally important as you won't be able to 

use it properly without a comfortable handle. Handles are usually made of wood, metal, and plastic, best from which is a whole 

metal knife. It's a little heavier than others, but it will keep always steady.


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