In “Dedaena” Garden, by the river, you will discover one of the cozies places, with interesting and delicious dishes and a spectacular view of the River Mtkvari.  It is an ideal place for drinking hot drinks and having delicious dishes after walking in the garden. Here, you will also find children’s menu with children’s favorite dishes. Guests who come with pets are particularly welcomed here. The four-legged friends will be hosted with food and water.

Gastro Guide interviewed Lela Gundishvili, the founder and Executive Chef of Cafe Corner.

“The idea of cafe came a long time ago. It was inspired by the movie “The shop around the corner”. Culinary has always been my hobby and sphere of interest. Initially, the concept of the cafe was to create a separate corner for children, where we would read books to them while their parents tasted the dishes. Today, exactly 10 years later, I and Elene, the co-founder, are here in “Corner by the River”. 


Today the concept of the Cafe is different. We also changed the location and this fabulous    location showed us a new direction. We could imagine the interior, exterior and the dishes or drinks that our guests would want to taste as soon as we saw this territory. Exactly the synthesis of all these creates that magical environment that you will find here.


The menu was drawn up by Ellen and me together. We have not only Georgian, but also the dishes of different countries. But all of our dishes have something particular and unique taste. Moreover, we do not prepare Georgian dishes traditionally. We try to maintain the original form, but transform in a way that after tasting it, our guest will always keep the Corner in mind.

Corner has two chefs, me and Elene. I think that the main secret of success is still great love and commitment to what we do. I can say for sure that the main ingredient of each dish is heart and love and of course, high quality products, to which we pay special attention. Every dish in our Corner is made of health and natural products.

We are both self-taught chefs, but this is an area where there exist no boundaries or strict rules. Improvisation is at the core of everything. One has to be a virtuoso and create a dish as an object of art.

Both of us are constantly trying to introduce something new in the menu and to expand and use our imagination.

Our future plans are quite extensive, but I will share only few of them. In the near future, we are going to focus more on the healthy nutrition menu, draw up a menu, where proteins and carbohydrates will be calculated and balanced for people who are engaged in sports and lead an active lifestyle. We also plan to offer more assortment to our vegetarian and vegan guests soon. We won’t disclose our plans for now.”