Resto Guide - Cookie Baker

One cozy and very colorful pastry shop was opened at one of the busiest and most crowded streets of Tbilisi.  The tour guide hasten and visited Cookie Baker. Upon entering we were fascinated by the colors of the interior, the coziness and what is most important by the variety of products. It turned out that they have cookies of about forty type, and in the corner of Nugbar there is a large assortment of cream cakes and sweets. We can boldly say that it is a real paradise for sweet-tooth people. The diversity of artisanal breads and the variety of Italian coffee with special roasting technology, grounded and sold at the pastry, should be mentioned separately.

“We love sweets and coffee, there are probably lots of people who like the combination of this product as much as we do. This was the first inspiration to create a brand that would offer the best quality and tasteful cookies to consumers and the market. We have also seen that there was a niche for such cookies in the market and none of the brands were positioning themselves in this direction, so we decided that we could be the pioneer. The idea came to us at the end of 2020 and in exactly seven months we opened the first bakery / shop and started to establish our place in the Georgian market. I should also mention that along with the idea we have set a goal for the company, therefore we aimed to become a part of our customers’ daily life and offer a choice of products that they can share with family, co-workers, friends when visiting or hosting.

Cookie Baker’s partner and CEO is Nata Tseruashvili. She has many years of experience in this business. We have common goals and future plans. Also, with Natas’s active involvement, we received the diverse and quality assortment that Cookie Baker offers to its loyal customers today.

Our concept from product to branding is unique, not copied from anyone and is entirely our own creation. Our goal was to create Georgian brand that would have an identity, would be beautiful, colorful and very tasty, will delight, among others, the lovers of sweets and thus create a unique taste and experience and become part of the daily life of its customers.

Cookie Baker opened in July 2021 and today it already serves more than 100 customers a day, has up to 10 stable corporate clients and partners who supply products. We employ 17 people and this data is growing as production increases. We already provide on-site delivery service, both through external and our courier services.

Cookie Baker menu has several directions. A wide range of bakery products, confectionery and the main line - biscuits. 

In addition to confectionery, I would like to mention the most delicious types of our unleavened bread, which has already acquired a regular customer in a short period.

One part of confectionery includes cream cakes. Also, a special Nugbar line such as nougat, marmalade, madeleine, macaroni, truffle, zephyr, etc.

As for the cookies, we have about forty delicious cookies. I would like to mention that each recipe is special. Cookies are prepared with the highest quality raw materials. We use a lot of dried fruits, locally prepared candied fruits, oatmeal and rye flour for baking. We import specific categories of raw materials from France, such as rose water, orange blossom water, etc.

We are going to expend our business. Our service model is still to create a network of bakery-shop, with many coverage points, which should extend beyond Tbilisi and spread throughout Georgia. We have more large scale goals in the long run, but first we want to   establish ourselves in Tbilisi and other cities.” - Nika Gvaberidze, the Co-founder of Cookie Baker.