Restoguide - DU CHEF

“Du Chef” is the author’s confectionery café opened by Khato Bakuradze, where you can taste desserts prepared with French technology. A wide selection of trendy, colorful, delicious desserts, the dizzying aroma of coffee, coziness and calmness will enchant you on entering the café.

Khato received his culinary education in France and has an extensive background in this field.

In the cafe, the chef will host you herself with her team members, whose working process you can observe right then.

Master classes are regularly held at the same space. Interested persons may learn the preparation technology and decoration of modern French desserts. The master classes last for one month and are held 4 days a week, at the end of each week a presentation of desserts prepared by the students are organized for them.

“We wanted to have a café for our citizens that would open early in the morning and the dizzying smell of coffee and croissants would not allow passers-by to pass by without having one. We have chosen the central district and a very cozy place, with a terrace. French pastry café was ideal for this location and so we gave Parisian tint to it.

There is a variety of premium confectionery assortment presented in all its glory: croissants, buns, cookies, biscuits, cakes. In addition to the confectionery assortment, we offer guests an interesting and quality menu for breakfast and lunch.

We will have a lot of surprises and innovations, constantly updated menu, seasonal offerings, invited guests, chefs from France.” - Khato Bakuradze