0 - 30 Min
500+ Kcal
4 4 A package of a pre-made thin Lavash wrap
700 700 gr. Nadugi
200 200 gr. butter
1 1 egg
300 300 ml. crème
200 200 gr. processed cheese
2 2 piece garlic
step 1
Place two layers of Lavash on top of each other, grease them with egg-mixed Nadughi evenly (You can also add some grated garlic and salt to Nadughi).
step 2
When ready, roll it like a roulette, cut into similar 2cm width pieces and place on the baking pan.
step 3
Melt a butter on a low fire in a separate small pot, add crème, processed cheese and mix until receiving a creamy consistency. Cover the Lavash pieces with the sauce and place in 175C preheated oven for 10 minutes.

How To Serve

Serve warm. It will taste aromatic if you grate some lemon or orange zest on top of it. Sinori suits well to the red wine. Nadughi can be substituted with cottage cheese and the processed cheese - with a fresh cheese if you grate it just before placing in the oven.