Pork shoulder, Ghomi and Ajika
60+ Min
500+ Kcal

Based on my personal opinion and impartial research I’ve come to the conclusion that the Megrelians have the best cuisine in Georgia. Obviously other regions have their special meals, and sometimes several of them, but none of the provinces have such a big number of delicacies than Samegrelo, even Racha, which stands second in my list. I'm assuming that my choice was influenced by a dish which I’ve tasted once at a wedding party in Zugdidi. It looked quite easy to make and I was told that the groom’s family has inherited the recipe from their ancestors. That’s the reason I want to share this simple but lovely, nourishing dish with you.

1 1 A piglet shoulder
500 500 gr. Coarsely ground corn
200 200 gr. Corn flour
15 15 gr. Coarsely ground pepper
15 15 gr. Yellow flower
250 250 gr. Walnut
60 60 gr. Dry coriander
60 60 gr. Blue fenugreek
30 30 ml. Apple vinegar
50 50 gr. Sugar
30 30 gr. Chili red pepper
40 40 gr. Red paprika
100 100 ml. Corn oil
1 1 рinch Salt
10 10 gr. Garlic
step 1
First of all, clean the piglet’s shoulder from its every single bone and do it carefully to avoid damaging the skin. It’s not an easy job to do, but if taking into account that everything must be later wrapped with a kitchen thread, then you can bravely go a little bit more bold.
step 2
Then wash your coarsely ground corn, throw in the pot and pour down water to cover the corn and exceed by half. Skim the crumbles that float up on the water surface. Place the pot on a stove and when the mixture starts thickening add corn flour, thinly sliced walnut, peppers, garlic, salt and 2/3 of each spices (keep some of them for the skin). If the consistency gets too thick, thin it with some hot water as it should have classic Ghomi consistency.
step 3
Mix the rest of the spices with corn oil, stir well and let it sit for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Ghomi cools down and we place it in the middle of the meat. Stuff it thoroughly but keep a little space to be able to wrap it
step 4
later without having the Ghomi leaked. Wrap the meat with a kitchen thread and cut the skin transversely; grease its skin with the spicy oil.
step 5
Warm up the oven on 170C and let the foil cover the meat first 3 hours. Take it off for last two hours and reduce the temperature down to 140 C to get the skin nicely roasted.

How To Serve

The meat is easy to cut and serve as it's all free from bones. It's better to wait for minimum 30 minutes before cutting the meal as Ghomi needs some time to thicken.