Tempura prawns and vegetables
0 - 30 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal
6 6 piece prawns (king size)
150 150 gr. carrot
100 100 gr. red sweet pepper
100 100 gr. green sweet pepper
300 300 gr. wheat flour
150 150 gr. potato flour
50 50 gr. baking powder
5 5 ml. soy sauce for dressing
step 1
Start with cleaning the prawns and keep their tails on. Cut the vegetables into think sticks.
step 2
Dough recipe: Mix the wheat and potato flours, baking powder, and icy water to receive an yogurt consistency.
step 3
Never mind if the dough comes with thickened knots. Dip the vegetables and prawns first in flour, then in dough and deep fry.

How To Serve

Serve tempura with soy sauce.