Pork with triple treatment and completed in a machine for smoking meat with a variation of carrot and orange.
60+ Min

I am a 24 year old chef and a culinary specialist. From the earliest of teenage years, since I was 14, I have been in the field of gastronomy with 10 years of experience and never wanting to do anything else. I deliberately chose culinary at a very early age because I thought, and still think, that this is the only field that can give the eyes, the heart and the receptors an unforgettable impression at once and most importantly, lead to constant development. However, the chef's heart must also belong to all the dishes that come from his hand to the guest. All my plans and goals are related to culinary and, in my vision, there is a new direction on the gastronomic map of the world which is called - Georgian cuisine.

150 150 gr. Pork
180 180 gr. Carrots
10 10 gr. Red onion
500 500 ml. Orange Juice
50 50 gr. Green onions
15 15 ml. Olive oil
20 20 gr. Dill
100 100 gr. Beets
20 20 gr. Butter
50 50 ml. Cream
step 1
Put the pork loin in the brine for about 2-3 hours. Then cut off the desired piece and use the remaining meat for the pate. To prepare the pate, we chop the meat and add the blended beetroot puree to get the desired color, we add salt and pepper at the same time. We apply the meat pate on a plastic wrap and strew with the orange zest, add the pork loin marinated in salt and wrap. Cook in a sous vide apparatus at 56 degrees for 15 minutes. We ferment the green onions in the oven, sift and use them to stick the meat. We fry the cooked meat in the primus stove and put it in a machine for smoking meat for a few minutes. Finally, add the cooked pork and serve on a plate.
step 2
Boil the carrots in orange juice with coriander seeds in a sous vide apparatus for 55 minutes for 20 minutes. We take them out and cut into circles. For the carrot puree, boil the carrots in water and a little orange juice, add salt. Blend the cooked carrots and add texture powder xanthan to it. Then we strain and put it into a pastry bag. Cut the red onion in half and separate it from each other, fry it in a little oil and pour the blended beet juice. Bring to a boil and let stand for 3 hours. For the orange and mustard sauce, pour the orange juice into the saucepan, add a little mustard and cream. Then we do the mass reduction until the consistency becomes viscous.

How To Serve

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