Duck fillet with sauce and New Year

I found myself in the kitchen by accident and my life has turned upside down ever since. I have been in this field for 9 years now. I am a finalist of Bocuse d'Or. This fact has played a major role in my professional development. I am risky and I like difficulties, I try to be creative. As for my future plans, "I must learn and learn" endlessly - George Kankava

400 400 gr. duck fillet
10 10 gr. butter
100 100 gr. walnuts
200 200 gr. prunes
120 120 ml. odessa juice
400 400 gr. mango
100 100 gr. cream cheese
2 2 gr. cinnamon
3 3 gr. salt
3 3 gr. rosemary
2 2 gr. black pepper
100 100 ml. brandy
5 5 gr. sugar
20 20 gr. honey
100 100 gr. wheat
50 50 gr. potato starch
step 1
Boil the wheat and put in a pan with butter, add plum, chopped walnuts, honey, sugar and brandy, wait until the alcohol evaporates. Bring the fillet to a finished crust and place in the oven at 170 degrees for 6 minutes.
step 2
Mix grape juice with potato starch to make the sauce.

How To Serve

Bon Appetit!