Tinus tartar with citrus guakamola and rice chips

I am a 24 year old chef and a culinary specialist. From the earliest of teenage years, since I was 14, I have been in the field of gastronomy with 10 years of experience and never wanting to do anything else. I deliberately chose culinary at a very early age because I thought, and still think, that this is the only field that can give the eyes, the heart and the receptors an unforgettable impression at once and most importantly, lead to constant development. However, the chef's heart must also belong to all the dishes that come from his hand to the guest. All my plans and goals are related to culinary and, in my vision, there is a new direction on the gastronomic map of the world which is called - Georgian cuisine.

5 5 gr. grapefruit pulp
5 5 gr. orange pulp
3 3 gr. lime pulp
100 100 gr. avocado
10 10 gr. belly pepper, red
10 10 gr. belly pepper, green
2 2 ml. vinegar
10 10 gr. sesame oil
200 200 gr. fillet of tinus
50 50 gr. rice chips
step 1
Mix chopped fish with chopped slices of citrus and finely chopped green onions. Sprinkle with black pepper and salt to taste and pour sesame oil on it. Put the whole mass in the desired shape and place on a plate.
step 2
Cut avocado, bell pepper and pour lemon juice on top. Garnish with coriander and rice chips at the end.
step 3
The recipe is offered by Temo Kardenakhlishvili.

How To Serve

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