Pasta Tagliatelle with seafood and sauce Arrabiata
0 - 30 Min
110 110 gr. tagliatelle
130 130 gr. mix of seafood
70 70 gr. arrabiata sauce
20 20 gr. onion
1 1 clove of garlic
10 10 gr. butter
15 15 ml. olive oil
5 5 gr. aragula
2 2 gr. salt
2 2 gr. pepper
step 1
Put a deep frying pan on fire. Pour in oil and start frying finely chopped onions.
step 2
After the onions are fried, add a mix of seafood (shrimps, squid rings, mussels, small octopuses) and butter. Fry for another 3-4 minutes so the seafood does not dry out and harden. At the end, add garlic and Arrabiata sauce.
step 3
As soon as the mass boils, add the previously cooked tagliatelle paste. It is best not to finish the pasta to the end, but to bring it to Al Dante's condition. Leave it over low heat so that the pasta takes on itself all the aromas.
step 4
Put it on a plate with its juice, to be sure that finished pasta is juicy. Decorate with ruccola leaves, add salt and pepper to taste.

How To Serve