500 500 gr. cornmeal
100 100 gr. corn flour
500 500 gr. soft sulguni
200 200 gr. smoked sulguni
150 150 gr. sticks of sulguni
350 350 gr. georgian cream
100 100 gr. mint
50 50 gr. coriander
150 150 gr. walnut
10 10 gr. dry coriander
10 10 gr. utskho suneli
10 10 gr. safron
5 5 gr. cumin
4 4 piece garlic
50 50 gr. red adjika
5 5 gr. red pepper grinded
300 300 gr. beetroot
300 300 gr. carrot
30 30 gr. pink salt
step 1
First we prepare Ghomi: Wash the cornmeal, put it in a large pot and pour the water, so that it covers only half of the pot. While cooking, remove the cornmeal on the surface with a spoon. After we get a thick porridge consistency, add corn flour and stir with a wooden spoon. Continue cooking on low heat, until the cornmeal is completely softened.
step 2
1. Mix mint leaves, coriander and grated smoked Sulguni with the Nadughi and divide into balls. 2. Mix Adjika with Sulguni sticks. 3. Blend walnuts with spices and garlic and pour a small amount of boiling water to whiten the walnuts. Add salt to taste and mix with grated carrots. 3. Grate boiled beetroots and mix with mint. Cut Sulguni into slices and put in hot water. Mix part of the softened cheese with carrots and the other part with beetroots. Fold them together and cut in 2 cm thick slices.

How To Serve

Add these rolls on the Ghomi and enjoy!