pumpkin cream soup with soy milk
0 - 30 Min
Light dish
0-200 Kcal

Pumpkin pulp and seeds are rich in zinc. It detoxifies the body, makes tissues younger and energizes a human body. 

250 250 gr. pumpkin
200 200 ml. soy milk
80 80 gr. onion
2 2 clove garlic cloves
80 80 gr. oil
2 2 gr. nutmeg
2 2 gr. salt
2 2 gr. pepper
step 1
Remove the skin from a pumpkin and cut it into small pieces. Put them in a small pot and cook on a medium heat. When it's done, drain it.
step 2
Sauté onion in a pan with oil and add cooked pumpkin. Afterwards, add soy milk, minced garlic and blend everything. In the end, add a pinch of nutmeg, salt and pepper.

How To Serve

Serve it warm, together with toasted bread and pumpkin seeds.