0 - 30 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal
150 150 gr. flour
7 7 gr. yeast
2 2 gr. baking soda
1 1 gr. salt
20 20 gr. sugar
225 225 gr. kefir or natural yogurt
2 2 eggs
25 25 gr. butter
80 80 gr. berries
step 1
In the flour add baking soda, salt, sugar and mix well. In a separate dish mix eggs and kefir (or yogurt) together, before the mass becomes unified.
step 2
Make a hole in the flour and fill with liquid. Once again, mix everything together with the whisk strictly in one direction and at a low speed until the mass turns into a dough. In the process of mixing add the molten butter.
step 3
It is recommended to use the dough immediately, because it does not like to wait. Before baking, add the berry to the dough. Fry Pancakes on a preheated, oily pan on the both sides, for about 2 minutes.

How To Serve