Pan-fried Oyster mushrooms
0 - 30 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal
400 400 gr. oyster mushrooms
150 150 gr. onion
10 10 gr. green onion
150 150 ml. olive oil
1 1 gr. red pepper flakes
1 1 gr. chia seeds
2 2 piece garlic
step 1
Well-washed mushrooms needs to be chopped into long slices and be putted in to the pot. Boil once and squeeze well. Fry sliced chopped onions in olive oil, add the garlic and ground pepper. Salt to taste. Put the mushrooms in to the same frying pan and continue stewing.
step 2
When mushrooms are ready, move it to the desired vessel and decor with chia seeds and green onions.

How To Serve

You can enjoy with your favorite sauce!