Cornel soup
30-60 Min
Light dish
0-200 Kcal
320 320 gr. Fresh or dried (or even canned) cornel
60 60 gr. Butter
30 30 gr. Wheat flour
8 8 gr. Barambo (Lemon mint)
1 1 gr. Ginger
1 1 Yellow lemon
step 1
Grate and sift the cornel, place it in the pot and on the stove, add some flour and water and stir to properly dissolve the flour and to thicken the water. Add some sugar and a pinch of salt.
step 2
Move the soup from the stove, grate some peeled ginger down to it next to the half spoon of lemon zest, squeeze two tea spoons of lemon juice, add few leaves of Barambo and let the soup cool down.

How To Serve

You can sprinkle the cold soup with boldly ground pepper, which will highlight sour-sweet taste of the cornel.