Chocolate cake
60+ Min
201-500 Kcal
Round form - 16 cm. diameter
375 375 gr. flour
90 90 gr. cocoa
10 10 gr. baking powder
7 7 gr. soda
150 150 ml. vegetable oil
450 450 gr. sugar
3 3 eggs
5 5 gr. vanilla
340 340 ml. hot coffee
75 75 ml. cognac or rum
Creme ingredients:
250 250 gr. mascarpone
150 150 ml. cream
vanilla and powdered sugar to taste
marzipan flowers
step 1
Place in bowl all dry ingredients except sugar and mix them together.
step 2
Place in a separate bowl sugar and vegetable oil. Whisk them with a mixer. Add eggs, one by one, and continue whisking. Add half of dry ingredients and milk, continue whisking and after add left ingredients. In the end, pour hot coffee and rum or cognac.
step 3
Divide the mixture into 3 baking forms. Bake at 180 degrees or 35 minutes.
step 4
Slightly mix mascarpone with hand mixer. Whip cream in a separate bowl along with sugar and vanilla. Gently mix mascarpone and cream. Place creme in a pastry bag and spread on every biscuit. Put biscuits on top of each other and do not spread the creme on top and sides.

How To Serve

Place marzipan flowers on top of cake.