Beef soup with beer
60+ Min
600 600 gr. beef
250 250 gr. potatoes
200 200 gr. carrot
1 1 piece head of celery
3 3 piece stalks of celery
20 20 gr. celery greens
1 1 piece pumpkin
2,5 2,5 liter dark beer
2 2 piece onions
50 50 ml. olive oil
1 1 рinch red pepper
step 1
Rinse the meat, cut into large cubes, cover with water and boil. Remove the foam and cook until the meat is tender.
step 2
Add potatoes and carrot to the broth. Cut celery into large cubes and add to pan, also. Pour everything with beer. When the vegetables are cooked, remove celery.
step 3
Wash pumpkin. Cut it in the middle, remove the seeds and cook. Then, scrape the pulp from the pumpkin, don't damage the skin. Beat part of pulp and broth in blender and add it to the soup. Season with red pepper and salt.

How To Serve

Pour the soup into the pumpkin, garnish with celery stalks. Bon Appetit!