Paska / An Easter Bread
60+ Min
Light dish
500+ Kcal
4 4 teaspoon dry yeast
100 100 ml. milk
200 200 ml. heavy cream
1 1 рinch dried marigold
750 750 gr. flour
250 250 gr. sugar
5 5 piece eggs
170 170 gr. butter
1/2 1/2 teaspoon salt
400 400 gr. assorted dried fruits and nuts
100 100 gr. rum
1 1 vanilla bean
100 100 gr. apricot jam
150 150 gr. assorted succades
step 1
Dissolve yeast in some warm milk and add 2 tbsp. flour and 1 tbsp. sugar.
step 2
Add a pinch of marigold to cream and simmer it. As soon as the yeast ferments, put it in a large bowl. Mix yolks, vanilla and sugar, until you get the white mixture.
step 3
Add melted butter, egg and sugar mixture, warm cream and flour in the yeast bowl. Knead soft and elastic dough, which not stick to your hands.
step 4
Let it rest for few hours. When it grows in size, add succades, gently mix and place it in the cake pan. We should let the dough ferment a little more and then place it in a preheated oven for 50 minutes.
step 5
Bake it at 170C. If it starts baking only on top and not inside, cover it with an aluminium foil.


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