30-60 Min
Light dish
201-500 Kcal
500 500 gr. Beef
2 2 onion
3-4 3-4 Laurel leaves
5 5 gr. Mixed peppercorn (red, black, and white suits great to each other)
1/2 1/2 teaspoon ground basil
700 700 ml. White dry wine  
1/2 1/2 Bundle of coriander, parsley, celery
1/2 1/2 Salt
1 1 рinch Bundle of green onion
step 1
Clean and wash your beef, cut into middle-sized cubes and throw in a pot. Cover it with 2/3 of water and place on a middle fire.
step 2
Drain the first boiled broth of the meat and fill up the pot with some fresh water again. Then peel the onion and throw into the pot without cutting it, add peppercorns and ground basil.
step 3
Avoid drying with periodically pouring small portions of water down into it. Thoroughly wash herbs, wrap them up in a foil and throw them in the meat pot after an hour of boiling. The broth will absorb its entire aroma and will get a beautiful smell and amazing taste. The final stage is adding some wine and boiling for 5 more minutes to let the alcohol vaporize. The time of cooking depends on the meat quality as the final product should be very soft. Salt it in the end.

How To Serve

Serve hot together with the broth. You can also top with thinly sliced coriander and green onion. Enjoy with a glass of white dry wine.